La conferència feta en anglès, a càrrec del professor Gerry Sweeney es basa en la orientació següent produïda per el professor Sweeney:

“What the English language gave to Shakespeare and what Shakespeare gave to the English langage. A well-read, impartial but critical, admirer of Shakespeare’s majestic works will recognise the vastextent of his excellent influence, in countless ways, on the English language. This influence has not dwindled in spite of premeditated attempts at character assassination by various critics who made baseless, laughable, claims that his works were written by someone else. But all’s well that ends well. It was really a foregone conclusion: after all the sound and fury, as good luck will have it, Shakespeare was vindicated. Truth will out! Shakespeare’s status is now invulnerable. But, enough … Brevity is the soul of wit, so I will stop here and invite you to come to the
talk on Shakespeare’s monumental contribution to the Queen’s English!”

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